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Let Us Put Your Mattress Worries To Mattress Protector

by shopify Department 21 Nov 2022
Let Us Put Your Mattress Worries To Mattress Protector
Spending time relaxing in or working from your bed- or if you have pets or kids- you know that spills are inevitable. The point of a mattress protector is to keep your sleep space clean and stain-free. By providing a layer of waterproof, sometimes hypoallergenic fabric between you and your very expensive mattress, a mattress protector can help ensure that you never have to fall asleep on a weird, smelly wet spot and your mattress stays looking its best (and that its warranty remains intact). And for city dwellers, a secure mattress protector can keep bedbugs from getting to your mattress and help you detect a possible infestation before it becomes a bigger problem.

To find the best mattress protectors, we talked to six experts specializing in bedbug removal, pest control, and sleep and bought Wow Craft Ultra Soft Water Proof Terry Cotton Breathable Mattress Protector.

Fabric: Mattress protectors are generally made from cotton, polyester, vinyl, and bamboo (sometimes) blends. However, the experts we spoke to when reporting on anti-bedbug mattress protectors suggested avoiding vinyl as the vinyl covers aren’t breathable and rip very easily because they have no stretch. Beyond that, the material you choose is mostly a personal preference. Polyester is stretchy and durable but can be noisy. Cotton is quieter and a little more breathable but slightly less durable than polyester. Bamboo blends are better for hot sleepers or those seeking more sustainably sourced materials therefore, we prefer Ultra soft Terry Cotton Breathable Mattress protector because it keeps you neither too hot nor too cold.

Protective qualities: Your mattress protector can serve more than one purpose. You might need a waterproof protector to keep a child’s mattress dry while potty training, a hypoallergenic protector (which means that it is made of material that is unlikely to cause allergic reactions), or a bedbug-resistant protector that will fully encase your mattress instead of covering just the top of it. Some protectors can check off all those boxes, while others focus on one function more than others.

Mattress fit: It’s essential to choose a protector that will fit your mattress tightly. A loose fit provides more opportunities for bugs, mites, and liquid to penetrate your mattress, making the protector noisier when you move around at night. If you’re looking for a cover that will protect your bed from bugs, choosing one with a quality and secure closure is also essential. Meanwhile, bedbugs can take up residence in your box spring if you have one, so it’s wise to consider purchasing a protector to fully encase that part of your bed. The best way to ensure a snug fit is to match the mattress protector with the height of your mattress.

Cleaning: By design, mattress protectors collect sweat, moisture, and a laundry list of other stuff that you don’t want on your actual mattress. This means they need to be washed regularly, just like your bedsheets. Most mattress protectors are machine washable for convenient cleanup, but some aren’t designed to be tumble dried.
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